Oprah Winfrey Offered To Pose Nude Adult Magazines

Oprah Winfrey Offered To Pose Nude Adult Magazines

Oprah Winfrey’s visit to Australia this time would be one thing that surprised. The reason, one of the most influential celebrities are being offered to pose in a bikini, the one thing that had never done before.

An Australian adult men’s magazines are willing to pay the $ A 500.000 if the talkshow queen is willing to pose in a bikini for the latest edition of Zoo Weekly.

This offer is apparently quite serious, because the magazine is already rented a studio and photographers even though Oprah has not answered this bid.

Oprah itself scheduled to land in Australia on his private jet on December 7 for a special filming for her show. “This offer is serious. We can also pay this money to the charity chosen Oprah,” said the editor of the magazine.

When asked about the reasons which owned the magazine to ‘invite’ Oprah to be a model her bikini, the editor replied, “The man assumes power as a sexy thing. And Oprah is one of the most powerful woman in history. If he agrees, then this will be the best issue we’ve ever sold.

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